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Roof Remodeling Projects: What You Can Do

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Roof remodeling? Yes, it is a real thing, and yes, you can do a lot of different things when you choose to remodel your roof. If your roof currently needs some work anyway, why not consider doing something a little different or adding something to it? The following ideas should help you get started.

Raise the Roof

If your roof is angled and/or low, maybe you should opt to raise the roof. This involves pulling the old roof off, building up the walls a few feet, adding higher trusses, and then reinstalling the roof. Inside the house, your higher ceiling and taller walls will need fresh sheetrock, new plaster, and more paint. If you are okay doing most of the interior work, then you only have to budget for the construction and elevated roof. It is a great remodeling project because it gives you more head room upstairs, and more attic storage, should you decide to use it.

​Metal Roof for Fifty Years of Protection

Metal roofs are a remodeling project from the standpoint that they extend the life of your roof for decades. No other roofing material can make that claim. If you just bought a home and you replace the roof with a metal roof, the metal roof will last up to two decades beyond when you finish paying off your thirty-year mortgage. Since most of the roof currently on the house has to be removed before the metal roof is installed, this project qualifies as "remodeling."

Windows, Skylights, and Moving the Attic Vents

One or more of these smaller projects is a roof remodeling project. Installing skylights or windows where you had none, and moving the attic vents from their current locations on the slopes of the roof to the ridgepole instead can transform the roof immensely. If you also make the windows into dormer windows, that really changes your roof and attic, too. 

Balconies and Widow's Walks

Extending the roof outward around the edge or just from the master bedroom remodels the roof. Balconies and widow's walks are interesting ways to expand parts of the roof, create attractive focal points, and increase the value of your home. They are also nice places to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee while reading a book or the daily newspaper. If you choose to place a balcony off of a master bedroom on the second floor, you should install patio or French doors to access the balcony as well.

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