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4 Advantages Of Walk-In Bathtubs

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Walk-in bathtubs are an alternative bathroom fixture that, as their name would suggest, are large tubs that you are able to walk into and sit down in, instead of having to lie within. This unique format gives walk-in tubs a number of distinct benefits when compared to traditional tubs. Understanding what some of those advantages are can help you decide whether or not installing a walk-in bathtub is the right fit for your bathroom remodeling project.

1. Comfort

One of the largest advantages associated with walk-in tubs over their more traditional and shallower counterparts is the fact that the increased depth of a walk-in tub provides a greater degree of comfort. This depth allows you to sit in your tub much in the same way that you would sit in a hot tub, and installing jets within your walk-in tub can basically turn your bathroom into an indoor spa.

2. Accessibility

Another key advantage associated with walk-in bathtubs is their accessibility. The fact that they can be easily climbed into and out of means that they are ideal for individuals who are not very mobile, and their larger size and greater depth means that you can easily bathe yourself even if you are in a wheelchair. This accessibility can also make it possible for elderly homeowners to stay in their own homes for much longer, as they will be able to more easily take care of themselves for a longer period of time.

3. Safety

In a somewhat related train of thought to the above point, another major advantage of having a walk-in tub installed as part of your bathroom remodeling project is that walk-in tubs represent a much safer option when compared to traditional tubs. This is because you don't have to worry about slipping and falling when getting in and out, stepping over the barrier, or carefully lowering yourself into the water. Instead, you simply walk inside, close the door, and let the water fill up around you. This is a huge benefit not only to the elderly, but to people of all ages, as a sudden unexpected fall can cause serious injuries.

4. Resale Value

Finally, one last advantage of walk-in tubs is that their installation can significantly increase the value of your home, as the above benefits of walk-in tubs are extremely valuable, especially to aging homeowners or those with disabilities. This can make installing a walk-in tub a sound financial decision regarding your remodel if you are thinking about selling your home at any point in the near future.