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4 Tips For Refurbishing Your Bathroom Between Renters

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Any landlord knows that renters can absolutely trash a unit. Even if a renter is being conscientious, they aren't going to be able to see the things that you, a landlord, will see. Nevertheless, you need to get everything cleaned and ready for the next person. A cleaning service isn't always going to cut it. Here are a few tips for getting the bathroom looking sparkling.

1. Work on the Bathtub and the Shower First 

The bathtub and the shower are some of the first things people look at, as well as one of the areas that is subject to the most wear-and-tear. Consider refinishing the shower and tub. A bathtub refinishing can make the whole thing look brand new at virtually no expense. Even tile can actually be refinished if the grout has become stained and worn.

2. Consider a Power Cleaner

Power cleaning tools can be rented that are designed to clean grout. You need to use the right tools at the right settings (you may want to hire a professional), but this will get your grout looking like new again. Over time, grout can become impregnated not only with stains but also with mildew. A deep down cleaning is really the only thing you can do to ensure that the stains don't just reappear.

3. Replace the Fixtures

Fixtures such as handles, towel racks, and hooks are easy to replace and can make a bathroom look like new again. Consider updating your old fixtures with new, modern trends; for instance, antique bronze has given way in many markets to clean, contemporary steel fixtures. The more modern and contemporary your unit looks, the better you'll be able to attract tenants.

4. Slap on a Coat of Paint

Paint is, of course, a landlord's best friend. If you want to renovate quickly, a new coat of paint is a great idea. Remember to get high gloss paint for a bathroom, as it will repel water and stay looking like new for longer. Don't forget that you can paint virtually anything. There are even paint kits that you can use on your bathroom counters, to cover the look of worn or stained linoleum. 

When it comes to rentals, a clean bathroom is often going to be an incredibly important factor in getting the best tenants in. A little refinishing, remodeling, and repainting can go a long way, especially with major fixtures such as the bathtub.