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Lacquered Love: How Lacquered Cabinets Make Your Life Easier

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The kitchen is one of the most time-consuming parts of the home. Cooking, cleaning, and meal prep and other activities all take place in the kitchen on a daily basis. for this reason, you want to make sure that your kitchen is one of the most well-maintained parts of your home. If you are selecting a cabinet service to build new cabinets, you will need to decide the size and features of your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Lacquered cabinets are one of the best cabinets to put inside of your home for a few reasons. 

Lacquer is easy to wipe down

Wiping down wood can be an issue, as it will discolor the wood. Wood can also stain, so using cleaning products to clean the wood can cause issues where the wood wears down in some spaces. With lacquered cabinets, the finish will be completely slick. You will be able to use a wet towel or cleaning solution to wipe down lacquered cabinets with no detrimental effects to the cabinets themselves. Being able to wipe down cabinets easily is important for those who cook a lot or those who have children who are prone to spills. 

These cabinets can be matte or shiny

Shiny cabinets often have a gleam to them that make the cabinetry look clean. Matte cabinets have a more upscale feel, especially when paired with appliances that are matte. The lacquer coming in a number of different shades and two different finishes means that you can find the perfect color and look for your kitchen. If you prefer to have a matte lacquer that looks like finished wood, you can opt for a beige matte lacquer that will be easier to clean than any wood cabinet. 

The lacquer is long lasting

It is simple and easy for wood to chip. When selecting wood cabinets, you have to be sure that your wood is sturdy, but even then you may find that you see small chips and splinters in the cabinets developing. With lacquer, the exterior is solid and you will find that you do not experience chipping nearly as easy as with other materials. Be sure that a professional company creates and installs the cabinets so that quality lacquer is used that will not need much touching up over the years. With lacquered cabinets that can last for a long period of time, your kitchen can mean an easy to clean and keep up space despite heavy usage. 

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