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Turn A Half Bath Into A Full Bath With A Clever Remodeling Plan

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When you build a home, you have complete control with the layout and size to make sure each room has enough space. But, buying a home means you have to take the pros with the cons. For instance, you may have wanted a full bathroom on the main floor, but you only have a half bath instead. While you could remove parts of neighboring rooms to fit in a complete bathroom, another option is to hire a remodeling contractor to get strategical and find a way to transform it into a full bath with its current square footage.

Work in a Bath and Shower

A toilet and sink are the main features of a half bath. So, you will need to implement a bath and shower, which is best done in combination when you are working with a small space. In a narrow space, you will want to go with a narrow bath and shower combo to make it fit while also being comfortable to use. But, a square bathroom may benefit from a corner installation to minimize how much space it takes up.

Pick a Small Door Frame

Another detail that you cannot forget about when turning a half bath into a full one is the door frame. It is not possible to use the area around the door frame because the door needs to open and close. This limits your ability to add the toilet, shower, bath, and vanity with sink to the rest of the room. You can minimize the obstruction that the door causes by getting a door frame that is smaller than normal. Most rooms have 34-inch door frames, but you can go for 25 to 30 inches to save on valuable space.

Focus on Functionality

When you are working with limited space, you need to look at functionality over everything else. You may have certain preferences for the vanity and sink, but it is ideal to choose a shallow model. It will provide you with a sizeable sink and enough storage space to put towels and bathroom supplies inside. You may not be able to layer items that deep within the cabinets, but it will be enough to fit the essentials.

Having a single full bathroom in your home can make things a little complicated when family and friends are over. Getting help with remodeling to turn your half bath into a full one is a smart choice. Talk with a company like JC James Remodeling for more information.