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Remodeling Your Bathroom? Six Reasons to Consider a Natural Stone Bathtub

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Are you considering remodeling your bathroom for functionality and beauty? You might want to consider replacing your old bathtub with something new and unique and quite possibly something that imbues a natural and rustic charm.  A natural stone bathtub has several advantages. If you currently have a porcelain, acrylic, or fiberglass bathtub, maybe it's time to switch to a nature inspired creation. If you are still on the fence, here are six smart reasons to consider a stone bathtub for your remodeling project:

1. Natural Stone Bathtubs Are Stylish and Unique

Stone bathtubs are a unique presentation that strays from the ordinary. While porcelain or enamel are commonplace in many homes, natural stone bathtubs are far from the ordinary. If you'd like a remodeled look that is not similar to the neighbors' bathrooms, this could be the way to go. As a conversation piece, a stone bathtub will get noticed in most any home. It is considered to be stylish and attractive, and will complement most any bathroom decor.

2. A Luxurious Natural Stone Bathtub Can Help You Feel Calm and Relaxed

If you are looking to create a relaxing environment for your bath, a stylish stone bathtub can create a natural charm that will make you feel like you are amid nature. Many homeowners also place natural stone borders around the perimeter of the tub to simulate an outdoorsy, nature inspired feel. The stone bathtub seems to complement a countertop water fountain, adding to the relaxation and rustic environment. The natural stone bathtubs that are high quality and polished feel remarkably smooth to the touch, offering a luxurious feel.

3. Many Natural Stone Bathtubs Will Last a Lifetime

While the stone bathtub may initially cost somewhat more than the standard models you are accustomed to, in the long run you could save money on replacement or repairs. Most stone bathtubs are made to last for many years, and some may come backed with a lifetime warranty. Do inquire about this from your dealer. This means the stone tub will not develop damage such as cracks, as the less expensive acrylic tubs often do over time. When accidents do occur to the tub, damage is often minimal due to the rugged, natural materials.

4. You May Find Maintenance to Be Easier

You may find that less scrubbing and scouring is needed with a natural stone bathtub. They are often easier to clean than other materials commonly used. Also, you won't need to use special cleaners, as ordinary commercial bathtub cleaners will work well.

5. The Natural Stone Bathtubs Are Energy Efficient

Although natural stone bathtubs feel cool to the touch, they surprisingly retain heat well. This means you won't have to use a lot of hot water by replenishing lost heat. In addition, the stone helps to retain heat in the bathroom during those cold winter days. During the summertime, your air conditioned bathroom may also feel cooler, as the natural stone tends to absorb the cool conditioned air.

6. A Natural Stone Bathtub Offers a Range of Color Options

Most common bathtubs are seen in either white or eggshell colors. If you are looking to match your bathroom color scheme, you may find that natural stone offers more variety than porcelain or acrylic tubs and showers. Other than white or off-white colors, you may find black, gray, beige, natural sandstone and other colors in natural stone.

If you would like more information on how to remodel with a new natural stone bathtub, contact your local bathtub remodeling contractor. Ask for sample photos as well as a demonstration and estimate.